New art developments for Tamalin Craft!

I have been drawing again! Here is some of my class work over the last year! I had not drawn for many years, so I think these are looking good for getting back in the saddle again! Hope you enjoy!

By tammy johnsen

2014 class work


By tammy johnsen

Won 2014 MCC Student Art Competition’s Best of Show!

By tammy johnsen

Toy Dino’s are made of dinosaurs? lol study in textures


On right drawing by tammy johnsen

Picasso’s on the left/ Tamalin’s on the right


By tammy johnsen

2013 class work


By tammy johnsen

This 2013 class study in still life sold for $300!


By tammy johnsen

2013 class work


By tammy johnsen

2013 class final gifted to my brother for his passionate work in the film industry.


By tammy johnsen

2014 class surreal project. For Mazzy and her love of cats!



so much for resolutions, lol

here it is, June and only one post! well i’m sorry to say personal matters have kept me quit busy! summer courses at the Mesa Art Center (MAC) start this week! it’s not too late to sign up for my beading primer course  !here are some links: the Beading Basic Adult courses, the Designer Lab, & Beading Basics Childens courses. Other than teaching at the MAC i really haven’t had time to create :( but i’m hoping to jump back in to it soon! I will be taking the glass bead making course by Laurie Nessel at the MAC starting June 6th again! so new creations are on the horizon…


Resolutions and such…

So, I haven’t blogged in a while! A new years resolution for 2012 is to blog at least once a month… so here goes…

I have a lot of exciting things going on in this new year! Year of the Dragon, 2012….

For one my classes at The Mesa Art Center have started and this Saturday will be the 3rd in a seven week course called Beading Basics & Beyond. My next class open for enrollment now starts in March. I am having a great time teaching this class filled with wonderful students! Our next project is chain & bead linking.

Then I am taking a course too! It is Beginning Flamworking with award-winning glass artist Ms. Laurie Nessel as the teacher! (check out her site, AWESOME) My lovely daughter & wonderful boyfriend’s christmas gift to me. We all figured I need to make the beads that I string as well. My first 2 sets of beads are nothing to write home about! I can see, for me, that this takes time and practice to get good at. But I am hoping to be producing decent enough beads to work with by mid year, which is quite ambitious…however a very exciting challenge!

I’ve started to plan my summer courses at the art center. I want to alter Beading Basics to a Beading Primer, as these classes are only 4 weeks long. Add a Creative Design Time (studio with teacher on hand). And add a Resin Bezel Casting class!

Speaking of resin, I started to use this product called Ice Resin! I can make one of a kind pendants for my jewelry!! How exciting is that? VERY! I just bailed my first set of bottle cap pendants the other day…

OMG! The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show! I’m going this Sunday! Super excited… Shopping, shopping & more shopping for all the supplies I need and looking for new things to incorporate into my designs. I wish I could go all weekend! There is the Flame Off on Friday, then there are workshops and shopping that needs to be done! Too much to see & do and not enough time to get to it all…

 My day job is keeping me very busy too. I am helping design the new and improved website! Along with all my usual duties that keep me busy this time of year! Oi!

Strike while the irons hot they say… but which iron do I use first? Oh heck with it, I’ll use ‘em all!

So there! Maybe last-minute, but I blogged this month! lol

Come visit me next month ;)




My Beading Classes at the Mesa Art Center…

Hey If you are in AZ And want to learn Beading Basics and Beond… I teach this course at the Mesa Art Center! Here’s the link for the fall adult class:

And here’s the link for the kid classes:


Chandler Jazz Festival!

Hi! Tamalin Craft will be set up at the Chandler Jazz Festival craft show this year! The Jazz festival starts Friday 4/1/11 and goes through Saturday 4/2/11 and it’s FREE!! They have a wonderful line up this year and promises to be a treat for your ears! For more info on it go to 

Tamalin Craft Booth

And if you come by my booth and mention this blog post you will receive a surprise!!


Chandler Art Walk this Friday!


I will be setting up at the third friday Chandler Art Walk 3/18/11! Come visit me! Follow this link for more info:


Latest Commissioned Work…

Here is a picture of my latest commissioned piece…

It is Amethyst & Sterling Silver Chain. Made a matching bracelet too…

Some Lucky Lady is recieving these as a Birthday Gift!!!


Bidding time is Over!

 The Bids are in! And The Time Key is sold for $100.00!! Many thanks to all who bid for owership of The Time Key. And to those whom voted to make The Time Key the Grand Prize Winner in the Flex Your Creativity Contest by Soft Flex. Congratulations to Sandra B. for her winning bid! May you enjoy The Time Key as much I enjoyed making it! (which was a lot!) :)


bidding for The Time Key…

I will be taking bids for the ownership of the Soft Flex Company’s Flex Your Creativity Contest Grand Prize Winner~ The Time Key!

Because I’ve had multiple inquiries to purchase it, I thought this the fairest & fun’est way to sell it! The opening bid will start at $50! The bidding will start soon, Friday, 1/28/11 and end Wednesday, 2/9/11 @ 6:30pm Mst. I will post leading bid amounts daily on my fb page and here!

Anyone will be able to bid! You can bid on my facebook page or here! All you need to do is leave a comment with your bid amount and your email address or you may email me your bid at . I will send the winner of this auction an email with Paypal request for winning bid amount. Once paid, I will ship with the aim of the winner getting The Time Key by Valentines Day!

The Time Key #1

Here is alittle info on The Time Key: It is a Steampunk choker necklace. It measures 16 & 3/4 inches. I have upcycled pieces and parts of watches and jewelry to make this necklace. So it is aprox 85% recycled materials and 15% new materials! Very eco-friendly & “green” like!! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me or leave a comment, I will reply asap. Thanks for your interest in my work and good luck if bidding :)


A Bolo Time Key #4

Time Key #4

Time Key #4

There is the finished Time Key Bolo Tie for Don’s Dad…. I hope he loves it!

Time Key #4Time Key #4Time Key #4

Don & Cat love it! They are very excited to give it to their dad! yeah!

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